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Work with us if you are looking to achieve a goal.  Let us tailor our approach to ensure you can meet your goals and achieve success

I've worked with many trainers, but my experience with Z.A Training far exceeded my expectations.  I learned to embrance my Asian diet and was able to achieve my goal easily. The customer service and care that I received was like no other.  When you work with them, they genuinely care and listen to you.   Best investment ever...

Safina Ahmed

The Asian Blueprint

Our most popular guide to date and one that really put us on the map! This free guide will help you understand desi food a lot better and explains everything you need to do to eat well and still enjoy the foods you've been eating for many years

Have you ever wondered whether you can still eat your chapatis and lose weight? Wonder no more.  There are a tonne of golden nuggets in this guide and we cover everything from desi nashtas, how to structure your diet, portion sizes, and more!


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What We Do

We help people lose weight, get fitter and ultimately take control of their own health and wellbeing.  

Our main focus is the South-Asian population.  We tailor our approach and ensure that anyone can achieve their goal.  

Through our famous 90-Day Accelerator programme, we get results. We empower people.

As we focus on a specific demographic, our main priority is ensuring all your needs are met. No more banning those chapatis - they are back on the menu and they'll be helping you shed that weight!

Why People Come To Us

Quite simply - because of our approach and model.  We know what it's like when you attempt to follow a 'diet'.  Asian food has been demonised.  People cut out household favourites entirely as they think it's the best thing to do

People work with us because we remove all the nonsense and actually hold your hand whilst showing you how to eat your favourite foods and still lose weight and get fitter

If you are someone who needs help with this, this is place to be. Have a chat with us, and we'll see what we can do for you 


The 90-Day Accelerator

We'll show you how you can bring back those chapatis and still lose weight and get fitter!

  • Nutrition Support unique to you
  • Weekly Video Check-in System
  • Tailored workouts via our app
  • Calendar unique to you with your days, weeks and months planned out 
  • Designated accountability coach assigned to you
  • Community Group
  • Recipes, templates and shoppping lists
  • Whatsapp Support 24/7
  • 'Panic Calls' where you can book a call with the coach any time you feel overwhelmed or struggle
  • A household balancing system for busy mums and dads





Latest Guides

The Asian Grocer's Guide
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Ever been to the Asian grocers and find yourself a bit lost on what you should be buying for optimal health? 

There is no need to cut traditional foods out.  But Instead, we have broken down all the popular options and have explained ways you can enjoy them in your diet for optimal weight loss!

We've even given you some popular dishes and ways you can lower the kcal content in them!

21-Recipe Kickstarter
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We get it, we don't like big, long recipes either.  So we've done our best to make things easy.  If you are tired of your current meals, then this is a must.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, smoothies - the whole lot! All for the price of a Starbucks coffee!

The Z.A 12-Week Home Programme
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No gym access? No problem! We have created a comprehensive 12-week program for you with pictures, diagrams, instructions, and a tracker so that you can track progress!

We utilize towels, bottles, and other household objects so that you can get a serious workout in - and pictures to show how it can be done.

52 pages of nothing but quality to help you reach your goal

This is also beginner-friendly

Please note: This would work better printed as you can write down your reps, sets, etc, and mark progress.  If using a phone or another device, please ensure you have a pen and paper to mark down your progress for ease


The Z.A Training Podcast

Within the South-Asian communities, there exists a lot of outdated information. Tune into this podcast and we’ll show you how you can continue eating your chapatis all while still achieving optimal health.

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