The Asian
Fitness Zone

If you...

  • Are struggling with your health and weight
  • Are stuck in a rut and need help
  • Want access to a professional team where we coach you and help you lose weight
  • Have patience


Per Month


Natasha from Oldham

"Dirt cheap considering the exceptional service you get"

Atika from Bahrain says

"There's no good advice where I live. This was what I was looking for"

Rabiah from Manchester says

"For the money you pay, this is a steal"

Shireen from UAE says

"Monthly drops, support anytime, I can do it at my own pace - this is what I needed"

Sophia from Edinburgh says

"Help is here all the time. After 5 months, I achieved my goal!"

Maria from Fife says

"I'm a student and this was perfect for me. Loved that they help any time you need it"

What's Included

Meal Guides

Meal templates for various calorie intakes.  Whatever you need, we have it covered. No Bland veggies in our plans - but plenty of chapatis!

Check-In System

Sick and tired of not progressing? Then this is for you.  You will have access to your own tracking system where you can submit your progress and have the trainer review it if you wish. Upload progress photos and track those inches.

Exclusive Articles

Content that we only share with clients and members to get results and educate you.

Video Workouts

Login to our workout video system where you can access workouts of all kinds with videos and instructions. Beginner-friendly and for those who want to burn serious calories!

Community Group

Access to a private Facebook group where the team will support everyone and create a sense of community and togetherness.


One of our most popular areas.  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks - we have you covered!

WhatsApp Support

A private whatsapp support group where everyone motivates one another, shares ideas and recipes and you can ask questions any time

What some people have said

Access to over 120 workouts covering all things full body, lower body, glutes, cardio, HIIT, beginner workouts and more!

No gym? No problem!

We have tonnes of home workouts that you can follow on the app and get awesome results!

Don't like training alone? Then no worries - you can also follow along with me and workout!

A little snippet of what you have access to

Learn and apply at your own pace. We're all about long-term habits here

Nutrition resources for days on end

All recipes are kcal-counted

What you see above is simply scratching the surface! We have tonnes more content available!

Take a peek!

Why should I sign up?

Quite simply - we take all the guess work out and put everything on a plate for you guys! If your budget is tight, this is for you!

Our promise to you:

  • You have a check-in system for measurements to ensure progress each month. You'll get email reminders for check-ins so you never miss them!
  • You have the trainer here at all times if you get stuck. Book a call with the trainer any time
  • Your progress is reviewed and feedback is given
  • The nutrition and exercise is as simple as it gets. We cater to you! If desi food is your downfall, then we help you with that!
  • Put simply - if you are proactive, communciate with us, put the effort in and are willing to be patient - you will achieve results!

Please note

This is a service where long-term habits and results is our focus

If you are after a quick fix, this is not for you

You are expected to check-in and ask for help when you need it

Most importantly, patience and consistency is the key behind it all

We want proactive and positive action takers who are needing help and want long-lasting results

Common Questions

Q - I can see the direct debit option. Does this mean I'm tied into a contract?
A - No contracts here. The DD is to allow for ease of payment. You can cancel any time you wish without any fees. Our members sign on, achieve their goal, sign off without any fees.

Q - When can I see results?
A - Quality, long-term results take time - that's a given. But if you are patient, enthusiastic, communicate with us and check-in weekly with us, you can see some initial results in as little as 4-6 weeks!

Q - I'm a busy mum and a complete beginner. I don't know where to start. Can this help?
A - Absolutely! 87% of our current members are all busy mums! We have a dedicated beginner's area on the website where the trainer walks you through the basics and where to start

Q - I have lots of weight to lose and I'm scared of trying and failing again. Is this right for me?
A - If this is you, then we will help you. In fact, we prefer working with people who need lots of help because we walk you through everything, give you that support and ensure motivation is at an all-time high!

Q - Are the workouts easy to follow?
A - Absolutely! All workouts we have designed come with very short videos and explanations. We even explain how to use the them on the website, so you'll be a total pro in minutes! Oh, did we mention there's over 120 workouts and counting?