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Meet the team behind Z.A Training & Education.

Please don’t hesitate in reaching out if you have any questions! We’re all here to help!


Zayb Abbas

Personal Trainer

My name is Zayb and my main mission is to help people.  Having been qualified  in the industry for many  years, I have worked with people all over the world and have helped them achieve goals they never thought possible. 

Our approach is simple - we will not be beaten on customer service and delivering a 5-star experience.  If you need help and are stuck, talk to us.  Let's see what we can do for you.  

Dr Aamina Khan


I am a GP in South Essex with an interest in lifestyle medicine and aesthetics.

I work in an area with a young population and have lots of patients wanting to lose weight or become healthier.

Using my medical knowledge I can tailor advice based on their medical history. Because I too exercise and eat healthy along with dealing with PCOs, a lot of my advice comes with personal experience

You can reach me below!


Ahmed Salem

Lifestyle Health Coach

With over 10 years of experience, I have been working with numerous satisfied clients from around the world.  I have mentored and assisted my clients to overcome their health struggles in order to achieve their outcomes.

With all my experience, I can work with you from inside out on your health challenges.  I can help with chronic illnesses, mental, behavioural as well as social challenges such as emotional eating, building a healthy self image, stress management & enhancing your relationships & career

You can reach me below!

Zahra Abbas

Emotional Health Coach

I am an emotional health coach, helping you move forward from negative emotions that may be holding you back from success. Poor emotional health can manifest in many ways; one of which is emotional eating. When we are looking to relearn old habits, it has to become a conscious effort to change past learned behaviours.

My aim is to simply deliver a stellar service that leaves you with the techniques to confidently control your emotional responses, whether that's people pleasing, creating healthy boundaries or eliminating self doubt, If you'd like to work with me to experience the mindset shift, you can contact me below:


Haleema Idris

Client Support

Haleema provides support to all our female clients.  As a former client of ours, she understands our vision and ethos and echos this in the support she gives.  As we deal with a lot of busy, South-Asian females, Haleema is  able to draw on her own experience and provide support to our clients.  Shes 'been there, done that' and is now able to help our clients achieve success!

Shameem Nazir

Client Support

Hello my name is Shameem. I have previously battled with an increase in weight due to stress, anxiety and depression. I had gone from a size 10 to a size 16. 

I embarked on a journey to work on my emotional and physical health and the benefits were immense. 

I am now a very happy size 10 and I love going for hikes. I'm a health coach and a Stop Smoking Advisor that thrives working with people to help them achieve their goals.

I am bubbly, talkative, yet listen effectively and work with my heart. I have a positive energy which I feel is key. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself!

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