Online Coaching

Are you sick and tired of trying and failing? Are you wanting to change your body but need some guidance?

This is where we come in! We have been working with the Asian community for a few years now and we've transformed lives and broken barriers.  From working mums to busy professionals and everyone in between - we work with you on a 1-2-1 basis to help you achieve your dream body.

Our clients say that it is the simplest and easiest programme to follow.  We listen to what your struggles are and create something that you can follow and adapt to.  This is why we get results with all our clients!

What's Included

Personalised workouts

Personalised workouts based on your own needs.  Home or gym workouts. Reviewed & adjusted to ensure continued progress

Nutrition support

We identify your biggest struggles and create something bespoke for you.

WhatsApp Support

Daily support via WhatsApp where the trainer will be here for you at all times

Weekly Feedback

Weekly reviews to ensure progress being made along with a structured measuring system


Continued accountability to ensure you remain motivated at all times

Quality COntent

Access to recipes, supermarket guides and more!

Proven Results


Salma worked with us for around 5 months and achieved a goal she never thought was possible. No food was cut out and she enjoyed her journey. Progress was made on a weekly basis and she was surprised at how easy everything was to follow


Sidrah came to us after she had tried various ways to lose weight. In around 4-5 months we transformed everything, along with her figure, and she was able to maintain it all. She ate flexibly, enjoyed her workouts and thoroughly enjoyed her time with us

Say Bye-Bye To

  • Bland food
  • Boring exercise routines
  • Fatigue
  • And most importantly, unwanted body fat

Say Hello To

  • Confidence
  • Flexible Eating
  • Energy & Strength
  • A Slimmer You!

Book a free consultation

We want to know everything about you. There are no generic meal plans here. Before we work with anyone, we need to have a deeper understanding of what you're struggles are and what you need help with.

Drop us an email and we will get back to you within 24 hours and book a call with you. Check your junk/spam box in case any of our emails end up there as this is very common.

Speak soon!


Q – Which Package is Right For Me?
A – We conduct everything openly and honestly. So we only want you to sign up for whichever one you actually need. If you are a beginner and need a lot of help and support where we guide you through everything daily, the Platinum package would be suitable. If you are confident enough and feel you don’t need as much support, the Gold or Silver would be best. Chat to us and we can establish which one you require.

Q – Can I Opt Out of The Programme When I Want?
A–Yes. We do not bind you into any agreement. You will achieve results if you stick to it, but the option is there if you wish to leave. We always recommend you give yourself at least 3-4 months however.

Q – Is This A Pay Monthly Programme
A – Yes and you can pay via online banking or PayPal.

Q – When Will I See Results?
A – If you give your best and listen to us, you can see some awesome results in as little as 4-5 weeks.

Q - I am A Beginner, How Will I Do the Workouts. Are There videos?
A - The app we use with clients is called MyPTHub. All clients love it as there are workouts with videos, clear demonstrations, notes and everything you need to complete the workout. This is very beginner-friendly so you do not need any experience whatsoever.

Q – I Don’t Have A Gym Membership and I Struggle to Find Time, is This Programme For Me?
A – This programme is worth the price in that we adapt and ensure all clients are helped. So, it does not matter how busy you are, we listen to you and we work with your lifestyle and ensure you have access to home workouts and simple recipes.

Q – If I Have an Illness Like Diabetes or Something Else, Can I Still Sign Up?
A – Yes you absolutely can, although we would ask that you seek medical clearance from a GP first and foremost. Once you are given the go-ahead, we can sign you up.

Start Your Journey.