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Hey There

You're reading this because you are interested in transforming your body - great stuff!

The 90-Day Accelerator is designed just for that

I'll say it like it is, we transform lives. We can get you from A to B without too much trouble, it's our area of expertise

But it all begins with you

We work with busy people, those that need their hand held and are willing to work. If this is you, read on!

I'll say it like it is....

We alone are responsible for transforming 1000's of lives, empowering Asian people and building their confidence.

Our sole focus is getting them into shape and KEEPING it off for life.

If you are looking for 'the solution' and are prepared to work, this is what you need - period


Let me be clear before you go on any further.

Please only read on if you:

  • Are stuck in a rut and NEED help
  • Are fed up, sick and tired and you want to transform your body
  • Are genuinely concerned about your health and want to take action
  • Are embarassed to look in the mirror and wear certain clothes
  • Are fed up of the comments from family members

Please DON'T read on if you;

  • Are wanting the price of coaching right away
  • Are shopping around for the cheapest service
  • Are wanting results in 2-3 weeks
  • Are not prepared to put in work
  • Like the idea of coaching but aren't fully invested


What's Included

Personalised workouts

Personalised workouts based on your own needs.  Home or gym workouts. Reviewed & adjusted to ensure continued progress

Nutrition support

We identify your biggest struggles and create something bespoke for you.

WhatsApp Support

Daily support via WhatsApp where the trainer will be here for you at all times

Weekly Feedback

Weekly video reviews to ensure progress is made - period.  That's all we do here, get results


You will have a designated accountability coach  who will be assigned to you to support you

Quality Content

Access to recipes, supermarket guides and more!

With 1-2-1 coaching, everything is bespoke and personalised. You are looked after and have access to the trainer at any time

Your nutrition is monitored, your workouts are reviewed and your progress is kept on top off to ensure you are making changes

Put simply - you become the main focus and the trainer ensures everything is personalised and unique to you


Not only will we sort out your own nutrition structure, but we give you extras on your personal portal. Recipes, guides, shopping lists, snack guides, you name it!


You have your own app also. With personalised workouts, home or gym, a calendar and unique goals to follow which we will set and monitor.

What 1-2-1 coaching will give you

Join us and we will guarantee the following

  • Amazing results
  • More strength & energy
  • Confidence
  • Better knowledge
  • Long-lasting results

Think about how much you have already spent trying to find a solution

2-3k for a holiday or a new tv? or you can pay a lot less than that and transform your body....

Your own private member's area!

Wait that's not all!

Not only will you have your own personally designed workouts, but you'll also have access to the Z.A Workout channel where you have access to even more follow-along workouts to give you some extra motivation and drive!

Watch it on your phone, laptop, tablet device or even hook it up to your TV via the screencasting feature! If the kids are being tricky, skip your workout and do one of these ones with the average workout lasting 15-20 minutes

So what do you actually get?

if you join this program you'll have access to


We identify your current struggles and create structure for you


You will be signed onto our App where we design your workout routine with videos and instructions


I will be with you all day everyday when you need - except when I'm sleeping! Your accountability coach will also be here to check on you throughout the week


We give you results. We measure these weekly through our website which has an amazing tracker


A private community where you are joined by other like-minded people on the same journey

Here's How it Works


We'll get you on a call first and foremost.

We need to know more about you, your current struggles and what you need help with. The reason we have a huge success rate is because we know everything there is to know about our client.

If you decide this programme isn't for you, no worries! At least you will have identified key areas you need to work on

  • What are your pain points?
  • What is it that you deep down want to achieve?
  • Why did you contact us?

Sign Up

If you like what you hear, and we think you're a good fit for the programme, we'll get you started! After the call, and after sign up, I will get to work on your plan and aim to deliver everything in 2-4 days!

You will have a nutrition outline, template guides for everything, your workout app, a helpline on WhatsApp and a calendar specific to you so that you can go through life with direction and purpose knowing that you have the coach to message any time

  • Don't worry, you won't sign on with anxiety. Every client who signs on with us is 200% sure that this is what they want!
  • You'll be given plenty of time to decide whether this is for you


Motivation we will take care of. Simply work hard each week and as the months progress, you will transform your body! We can get you to where you need to be, we promise. We just want you to be enthusiastic and invested!

  • Because we audit all clients and ensure the right people are with us, we achieve results with them all
  • We achieve results because of what we give our clients. You pay your hard-hearned money, so we need to deliver

Still Not Convinced?

I don't blame you

So how about this

We work with around 30 ladies at any given time

If you still are unsure, ping us an email, and we'll give you the Instagram handle, and, with their permission, their contact details

You choose which ones, we won't choose

And you can ask them what it's like working with us!

We're proud of what we do, we will be fully transparent. We want you to see the value before signing up

"OK I'm sold, what next?"

Look, you'll be eager to find out more, and that's amazing.

But I have to be honest with you, we can't work with anyone and everyone.

We will GUARANTEE everything, but it all begins with you. Whether you are mentally ready - no I don't mean 2 hour burpee workouts.


Awesome click below, fill the form out and i'll personally be in touch within 24 hours.

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Start Your Journey.