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The Asian Blueprint - Fat Loss Simplified

Our most popular guide to date! This free guide will help you understand desi food a lot better and explains everything you need to do to eat well and still enjoy the foods you've been eating for many years

Have you ever wondered whether you can still eat your chapatis and lose weight? Wonder no more.  There are a tonne of golden nuggets in this guide and we cover everything from desi nashtas, how to structure your diet, portion sizes, and more!

The 90-Day Fix

Specifically designed for the busy South-Asian who wants to lose weight.  This programme will lay out everything you need.  The nutrition, a structure, examples, a 12-week meal template, workouts with videos, on-going support and so much more!

We have everything covered.  You don't need a gym or fancy equipment or tools.  We will hold your hand and make sure that over the 90 days, you get results. 


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