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Low-Carb Made Simple for Weight-Loss

Yes, we aren't fans of long-term keto or long-term carb restriction. But this is something you'll want to read

an effective way to lower carbohydrates for better weight loss


Yep, you read that correctly. If you know anything about us then you will know that we are not the biggest fans of adopting a long-term keto diet.

It can absolutely work for some people but for the majority of people, especially the people we deal with, it is not a lifestyle that one can stick to.

But you can be smart with cycling your carbohydrate intake in order to achieve a calorie deficit.

So I will bore you no more,  let’s get on with it.


So it is as simple as establishing what your exercise and heavy activity days are.

Ask yourself what days in the week you will be more active on, as the more active you are the more you are moving around, the more you’re burning.

The primary role of carbohydrates, rice, potatoes, chapati, pasta, bread, cereals, you get the idea – the primary role of these foods is to provide the body with energy.

So on a day-to-day basis, our demand for energy will fluctuate, obviously.

This is why most people struggle to lose weight because activity levels can go down at certain times of the week but their intake of food remains relatively high especially carbohydrate-based foods.

Now hold it! 

I am not saying carbs are the issue here, all I am saying is that your overall nutrition means calories stay fairly high and carbohydrates are part of that. Just to be clear. Carbs taste good.  When something tastes good, you want to eat more.  You don't just eat a carb and gain weight. 

Got it? Awesome.

So let’s put this into practice.

On a workout/high activity day you can have two pieces of toast, ideally brown, with your eggs if you wish. You can have a large big potato if you wish. The size of your chapati can be medium to large.  Simple.

On your rest days, the days that you are not that active, especially those who have office jobs and sit down for large periods of the day, you would simply half the portions of your carbohydrates and replace them with some leafy green vegetables.

It’s not the fact that carbohydrates are the problem. It’s the fact that you are taking in more calories and not burning enough, and the reason we go to lowering carbohydrates is that protein should absolutely never ever change.

Protein should always be high on a day-to-day basis.

Carbohydrates are the ones that will fluctuate based on how active you are and it is simple as that.  

You don’t have to think about it too much. For a lot of you, it could be as simple as cutting out your biscuits in the evening and that in itself will save you calories.

So simply ask yourself how active you are on that day, if you are not that active then you can reduce carbohydrates a little bit and by doing so we are reducing calories in a very simple way.

We are not starving yourselves or limiting food and take drastically throughout the week.  And by reducing carbohydrates we simply replace that with some vegetables, keep protein high and drink lots of water.  The reason why low-carbers struggle, is because they do it day in day out, and they don't eat enough protein and veg.  Simple.

I can absolutely promise you if you follow the simple tip above for a good number of weeks you will start to feel better and you will start to notice some progress.  Because by reducing carbs on your inactive days, by going for a walk a couple of times a week, you are achieving a calorie deficit and that is what you need for weight loss!



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