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Walk Faster, Lose More Weight?

A question I get asked a lot! Does the speed and intensity of the walk dictate how much you lose?




Getting  in your daily steps nowadays has become quite popular especially when the goal has been to lose weight


I encourage the majority of my clients and members to walk as much as possible. Because it's the only thing that they have control over in it's entirety when they are trying to lose weight.  When you plateau out or become metabolically adapted, there's only so much food you can cut out. But as walking is veyr low-impact, you can play about with this  


However one question I do get a lot is whether the speed of walking dictates the amount of weight you are going to lose.


The answer is no, unsurprisingly 


The reason being, is because when you're trying to lower body weight and lower body fat it comes through a process whereby body fat is being used as fuel.


  So you will have heard the phrase 'calorie deficit'.  Essentially this is what you are doing when you are walking. You are working the heart muscle. You are getting the muscles moving, and you are burning calories as a result which is why people who lose weight and tend to keep it off are very keen walkers.


Please don't worry about the speed at which you walk and whether you are getting out of breath or sweating.  This has absolutely nothing to do with the amount that you're going to lose.


If you're able to walk for 10-minutes in the morning and 5-minutes in the evening, perfect.  If you are able to walk one hour in the morning and 3 minutes in the evening, perfect.


It does not matter.  The main thing is making sure you're able to get your steps in. You can either break them up or you could do it all in the one go.  Please remember this and don't worry about the speed and intensity. If you're able to go for a walk every single day, you will see results overtime if you remain patient!

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