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Why Weight Loss Becomes Harder

Have you been losing weight for some time, but recently, you've found it just isn't budging anymore?

Why weight loss becomes harder over time


Many people do not know this, but as your body weight starts to decrease,  the amount of calories that your body needs to maintain it begins to lower slowly over time. 


Some people begin to reduce calories drastically without realizing the impact it could potentially have.  And whilst on paper, this makes sense, obviously because your intake isn’t as high, people are going about it the wrong way.


So if you are somebody who has been losing weight, your shape is coming in, the kilograms are dropping, but now you’ve been stalling for a couple of weeks and the weight hasn't dropped, then please read the below text.


So there are two ways to approach this


You could drop calories if you wanted or you could increase your energy expenditure.


We are big fans of increasing energy expenditure.  This could be as simple as going for a walk more often, doing a little bit more work at the end of your workout, or performing a little bit of low impact cardio either after your workout or on your non-workout days.


You see, as your body starts to get lighter, the number of calories you need to maintain it subsequently lowers, obviously if you think about it.


Your body isn’t as heavy thus you do not need that many calories to run it.


Now, before you read any further please do not take this to mean that you should now drop calories further and do endless amounts of cardio every single day.


I’m assuming you want to lose body fat and maintain muscle mass, am I right?


If so then you need to be very strategic and be very slow with the way you do things. If you have dieted in the past and you have gained the weight back, this would largely be due to the fact that you dieted too quickly and you were not smart with the approach you had taken. 


Even with our clients, the slower you diet down, and the more patient you are, the better the results and the higher the chances are of you keeping the weight off.


Still do your utmost best to strength train and push yourself.  


So what was the point of this little article?


It was simply to make you aware that you have not really hit a dead-end plateau which is a term that is thrown about all too often.


You can simply pick your results back up by walking an extra couple of days, adding an extra 20 to 30 minutes on your current walk, maybe utilizing a little bit of cardio if you’ve got any equipment, performing an extra couple of Reps and sets at the end of your workouts.


Along with that, as long as you are smart about it, simply reducing calories by 50 to 100 would be a massive step forward.


Now you’ve got the idea let’s implement it now.  Hopefully this made sense!







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