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Why Women NEED Protein

Scared that Protein will turn you into a man? Read this and your whole thinking will be transformed

Why Protein is CRUCIAL for Women


Protein is an absolute must.  Women, please take note of this.  If your goal is to lose weight, get toned, lean and be strong and healthy – muscle is key to all of this.  The way we build good toned lean muscle is by making sure our protein intake is high.

Protein helps build and repair muscle, it helps us maintain healthy hair, skin and nails, it helps you keep fuller longer and it helps strengthen bones and connective tissue. 


Protein will not turn you into a man.  I’ll say that again.  Protein, will not turn you into a man!


If anything, the complete opposite will happen.  You’ll have healthy tissue in the body and this will reflect on the outside, meaning you will look and feel more like a woman.

So we know lean muscle is good, but why exactly?

Other than helping you achieve that toned look, you actually burn more calories at rest – yes, at rest, doing absolutely nothing.  We’ve always been told that having a good ratio of lean body mass is important to help keep fat low in the body, but there are other benefits too! 

Say you go to the movies and you sit next to a woman who looks as though she doesn't work out.  Not that I want you to name and shame, I’m purely trying to explain something. Please bear that in mind!

You both have popcorn and both enjoy the movie.  You can take comfort knowing that you, a well trained, protein-consuming lady, will be burning calories just sitting there far more than the lady next to you.

Now another one. 

Compare yourself to that woman on the treadmill who runs all day – yes I hate doing this, but I want you to understand the importance of a high-protein diet and weight training. 

The runner may lose weight, but the skin will be loose and she won’t be tight and toned. Far from it in fact.  

On the other hand, the woman who  lifting weights, stimulating muscle and eating plenty of healthy fats and protein – this individual will have skin that will be tight, toned and she will feel better.  She will be  firmer looking, healthier looking, able to eat more and able to handle carbs better.

Does it sound too good to be true? 

Well, it isn’t.  This is achievable. 

I have worked with many women who didn’t believe this to be the case, but once I educated them and opened their minds a little – they had a new perspective on weight loss.  They managed to keep the weight off long-term due to an increase in lean body mass and they feel better than ever!

Lean meats (chicken breast, lean turkey, lean cuts of red meat), Eggs, Fish, Whey Protein, Greek Yoghurt, Cottage Cheese… That sort of thing.

Now you have a list, go and get them!

Start Your Journey.