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Your Asian Food Isn't The Issue

Please read this - it's important that you do

Your Asian dishes are not the issue


 One of the most common things that we come across when we are dealing with individuals is the thought process where people feel they have to cut out certain foods in order to lose weight.  

If you haven't guessed already, we work predominantly with the Asian Communities around the UK and Europe up. And the most popular thing people love to cut out when trying to lose weight is their Asian food -  rice chapatis curry etc etc


Now let me surprise you by saying you can eat roti salan every single day if you wanted and you can still lose weight



 Yes you read that correctly

Because the elimination of certain foods will do absolutely nothing for you other than make you want that food even more.   When foods are cut out they become Forbidden Fruit.

Generally speaking, Asian dishes are actually pretty healthy.   We have lots of spices, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals. 

The issue that we mostly face with Asian dishes is the oil and the type of meat that we put in there.

A standard tablespoon of oil is around 120 calories, and I'm guessing you don't actually measure out the oil because you're mainly going for flavour and making sure the dish cooks properly.

And if you think about it, oil is very low volume, which means it will be submerged into the food and the food calorie content can Skyrocket without you even realising.  

So such a simple change such as using a tablespoon and measuring out your oil that way will make a huge difference.  A lot of people pour blindly from the bottle - think about how much is actually going in there.

But when it comes to weight loss, it's not only about the type of food you eat Per se.  Don't get me wrong, eating quality, nutrient-dense food always wins.   But if you ate these healthy foods and went over your caloric intake each day - you will still gain weight!

This whole clean eating approach that people take will lead to failure.  

Because people seem to think the cleanest of foods will not lead to any weight gain which is nonsense. 

Guys food has energy,  calories,  and if you eat more than you need per day and do this consistently over a couple of days,  you will gain weight. 

So instead of cutting out your Asian dishes, why don't you look at your snacks in the day that is becoming a bit of a habit?  

For example your evening tea and biscuits. 

 The average commercial store biscuit comes in at around 70 to 80 calories and people don't stop at one unfortunately,  I would be the same,  because we are all human.  

And without people realising it they can easily take in 300 to 500 calories.   Which is basically almost a meal in itself. 

So instead, why don't you opt for low-calorie biscuits, swap the butter, have more protein, drink more water, why don't you go for an evening walk and burn some calories and focus on reducing calories over the course of the whole day.  Making small changes such as reducing oil,  cutting back on things that you don't need and generally just being active -  it doesn't always have to be intense workouts.  


 Do you want weight loss?


Then do me this one favour - make some of the changes above and go for a walk every single day.   Please maintain this for about 3 weeks or so and I can guarantee your clothes will begin to feel looser.  

Now, of course, healthy eating, more protein, fruits and vegetables, all of these are extremely important - but if you want to do something that is realistic and actionable,  then making the small changes above will definitely give you a head start.

 I cannot stress enough how bad an idea it is to eliminate Asian food from your diet,  it is completely unnecessary and defeats the whole purpose behind balance and enjoyment of your food. 

 If you feel that this is too difficult for you or maybe you're reluctant to make any changes because you think Asian food is bad - then why don't you join our Asian fitness zone and we can teach you and guide you to lose weight and eat better.  

Check it out when you have a moment!


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