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Here are some of the people that had failed the survey but came back to us after thinking about it……

“I was going back and forth so much with this.  But then I added up what I spent on junk food, what I spend on shopping and other stuff that isn’t a necessity – and oh my god! My only regret was that I didn’t sign up sooner with these guys”

Humaira, 33,
Mum of 2

“I was studying to be a chartered accountant whilst investing in Z.A Training and once I saw the value in what they did, I genuinely believe they under-priced everything.  I lost 11kg, toned down and during the 6 months I achieved so much confidence and got my energy back.  Can’t believe I was about to sign up with a cheaper option elsewhere when they gave me support above and beyond”

Sadia, 28

“My little one takes up so much of my time and I have an extremely fussy eater of a husband! Not once did I feel restricted whilst working with Zayb.  I fit into my old wedding dress, I slimmed down my waist and thighs, I was able to walk 10-15k daily and I feel so much better”

Asma, 30,
Mum of 1

“As a student I was always unsure how to budget for this.  But once I spoke to Zayb and he outlined what I needed and spoke about the programme and how it would benefit me – I was sold! Not only that, he over-delivered.  I recommended him to my sister and now they work with him”

Imran, 23,

“I had no experience or anything.  I came to Z.A Training with zero hope and no outside support.  He would check in with me throughout the week, offer calls, would encourage me, send voice notes, and made sure I was able to follow everything easily.  I spend £500 a month on a trainer may years ago, I spent half that here and it was the best decision ever”

Shezana, 39,
Mum of 4

“Very rarely do you come across trainers who understand the Asian way of living.  Zayb was a constant support throughout.  I achieved my goal within 4 months, but I had another mini goal I wanted to achieve.  So I stayed on for another 3 months and achieved that too.  If you want someone who is professional, is understanding and genuinely wants you to succeed – Z.A Training is where you want to be”

Subhan, 29,
Dad of 2

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